Childbirth in Finland

Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula Marjaana Siivola
ti 18.3. klo 13.30 – 14.00

HUOM! Tallennettu nettiluento alkaa kohdasta 04:53 minuuttia.

Luennon järjestää Duo kahden kulttuurin perheille yhteistyössä Väestöliiton kanssa.
The lecture is organised by Duo for Intercultural Families in cooperation with the Family Federation.

Are you pregnant and delivering your baby in Finland? Are you from a country where being pregnant and delivering a baby is viewed differently? This lecture gives you an overview of what is the Finnish way of looking after your pregnancy, what are your options to deliver your baby and what are the routines during pregnancy and labor.

Nettiluento on valtakunnallinen ja maksuton tapa saada luotettavaa tietoa ja kysyä asiantuntijoilta anonyymisti. Luennolle voit liittyä nimimerkillä tai rekisteröityneenä käyttäjänä. Liity luennolle painamalla "Siirry luennolle" -nappia.
Online lectures are an easy way to get access to reliable information as well as to put your questions anonymously to experts and professionals. All lectures are free of charge and open to everybody.

Join the lecture by clicking the "Siirry luennolle" link (the link appears once the lecture has started). You can access the lecture using a nick name (nimimerkki) or as a registered user.

  • 13:27 Diad-Kahden kulttuurin perheet Welcome to Duo's online lecture! You can participate by listening, browsing the presentation slides at your own pace and asking questions about the topic of the lecture by writing them to the chat field. The lecturer will answer to questions at the end of the lecture, so do stay online.
  • 13:27 Marjaana Siivola You can send in questions during the lecture and I will come back to them at the end of the lecture.
  • 13:28 Diad-Kahden kulttuurin perheet I can hear and see perfectly! :)
  • 13:30 Diad-Kahden kulttuurin perheet Marjaana Siivola is our lecturer today. I am Diad from Duo and I will be taking notes of your questions during the lecture. Marjaana will have time to answer them at the end of the lecture, starting at 2 PM.
  • 13:37 Luna-Kahden kulttuurin perheet Nicole Osier, if you are signed in with your real name we have to ask you to sing in again using an alias, thank you!
  • 13:41 Stella Hi all!
  • 13:42 Luna-Kahden kulttuurin perheet Hello Stella!
  • 13:45 Diad-Kahden kulttuurin perheet Remember that you can ask questions from Marjaana also during the lecture. That way Marjaana can get to them straight after the lecture. You don't necessarily have to have a clear question in mind either, comments and experiences are also welcome! :)
  • 13:49 Craig2 The link in the slides for "We are Having a baby" is the same as the HUS link previously, I found a link that might be correct
  • 13:49 Luna-Kahden kulttuurin perheet Thank you Craig2
  • 13:53 nimimerkki I would like to know what exactly should I bring with me to the hospital for the labor ,could you list out the items that I might need ?For example clean clothes to wear for after give birth?
  • 14:07 Sara Is delayed cord clamping standard practice, or can you request it?
  • 14:09 BB Do you know whether there is any place where umbilical cord blood can be stored?
  • 14:11 Siirry luennolle Is frank breech baby birth accepted by Kätiloopisto maternity hosipital?
  • 14:13 nor when does glaucos test take place ?
  • 14:15 Diad-Kahden kulttuurin perheet On behalf of myself, Duo and Marjaana I would like to thank you all for participating! :)
  • 14:15 Diad-Kahden kulttuurin perheet The lecture video will be made available and can be found from the Duo website as well as the Perheaikaa website.
  • 14:15 Craig2 Thank you very much.