Being the multicultural child in school - limits and possibilities

PhD Student in Behavioural Sciences ,Ida Hummelstedt-Djedou
to 3.11. klo 13.00 – 13.30

How to support a child’s cultural identity in school? How to avoid ascribing a child certain features because of her or his assumed background?
Cultures are fluid and we all identify with different kinds of cultures and communities in different contexts and times. However, in schools children from intercultural or migrant families are often ascribed a cultural identity connected to their ethnicity or country of origin, and talked about as multicultural pupils. This talk takes the perspective of the child and the family when looking at processes of cultural categorization in school. It is based on research on multiculturalism and multicultural education in schools, and on the speaker’s own experiences and reflections as a mother in an intercultural family.

The speaker Ida Hummelstedt-Djedou is a PhD student in Behavioural Sciences in University of Helsinki, working in a research project on multilingual and intercultural education in Sweden and Finland (MINTED)

The lecture is organised by Duo for Intercultural Families in cooperation with the Family Federation. More information about Duo and intercultural families:

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