I love my partner- improve your couple relationship and enjoy!

Director of Couple Relationships Centre Heli Vaaranen
to 20.3. klo 13.00 – 13.30

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Finnish psychologists and counsellors of the family federation of finland have created a couple relationship game. It is based on research, clinical experience and pure fun. Come along and listen to the lecture. Couple therapist Heli Vaaranen teaches you to understand f. Ex problem solving, affection and intimacy in a way that is positive and constructive. The game even gives you couple relationship tasks to do together. Welcome!

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  • 12:58 Harjoittelija-Väestöliitto Welcome to our online lecture! The lecture is about I love my partner couple relationship game. Our lecturer today is Heli Vaaranen. You can send questions about the topic during the lecture and the lecturer will answer to the questions at the end of the lecture.
  • 12:58 Nilla-Väestöliitto The lecture will start at 1pm We are testing the lecture, do you see and hear well?
  • 12:59 Monica Yes I see and hear well!
  • 12:59 Harjoittelija-Väestöliitto Hello Monica and welcome to the lecture!
  • 12:59 Nilla-Väestöliitto Good :)
  • 12:59 Harjoittelija-Väestöliitto Hi emilii and welcome to the lecture!
  • 13:00 Nilla-Väestöliitto Now we can beging, welcome everybody!
  • 13:00 Harjoittelija-Väestöliitto Hello Kiki and welcome to the lecture!
  • 13:00 Nilla-Väestöliitto You can ask quastions during the lecture, Heli will anser after the lecture.
  • 13:00 Nilla-Väestöliitto The lecture is beeing recorded and you can see the whole lecture from our page by the end of the day.
  • 13:03 Harjoittelija-Väestöliitto Hello kyyhky and welcome to the lecture!
  • 13:08 Harjoittelija-Väestöliitto Hello Jamie and welcome to the lecture!
  • 13:08 Nilla-Väestöliitto Welcome to our online-lecture about the couple relationship game "I love my partner".
  • 13:08 Nilla-Väestöliitto You can ask quastions during the lecture, Heli will anser after the lecture.
  • 13:10 Harjoittelija-Väestöliitto Hi Costi and welcome to the lecture!
  • 13:14 Harjoittelija-Väestöliitto Hello suvi and welcome to the lecture!
  • 13:14 Suvi Thanks :)
  • 13:16 Harjoittelija-Väestöliitto Welcome to the lecture Kaisa!
  • 13:16 Kaisa Thank you!
  • 13:18 Kaisa How to motivate men to talk? Motivation for sex is strong :)
  • 13:18 Nilla-Väestöliitto Kaisa: good q ;) We will ask Heli at the end of the lecture :)
  • 13:22 Kaisa It often feels that people don't make relationship a priority. They say they do, put work, children, hobbies etc. often come first..
  • 13:23 Kaisa They know what they should do, but they just don't do it. We are slaves to our routines.
  • 13:24 Nilla-Väestöliitto True :D
  • 13:28 Nilla-Väestöliitto We are now almost finished, do you have any questions?
  • 13:28 Kiki How can we get this game?
  • 13:29 Kiki Is it on sale in stores?
  • 13:29 Kaisa Do you think that imagination is a key to a happy relationship?
  • 13:29 Nilla-Väestöliitto Kiki: you can get it from Väestöliisso's online-shop, it costs about 27€
  • 13:30 Suvi I'm ordering it right now :)
  • 13:30 Nilla-Väestöliitto :D
  • 13:32 Kaisa Thank you Heli!
  • 13:34 Suvi Often the problem is, that there are so many distractions (TV, smart phone, the computer... you name it), that when a couple talks, they really don't listen 100 %, they look at these different distractions at the same time which makes the other person feel like they're not heard.
  • 13:35 Suvi Well, that wasn't even a question, ha! :D How to start a conversation without being "demanding" and to ask your partner to take the time to really talk and be present?
  • 13:36 Nilla-Väestöliitto Here is the link to the online-shop to get the game http://www.vaestoliitto.fi/nettikauppa/in-english/
  • 13:37 Suvi I find that taking a walk is a great way to be present and to talk. Is there some ways to do that at home, without making it a scene?
  • 13:37 Kiki What do you think would be the best advice for new cupples?
  • 13:38 Nilla-Väestöliitto Thank you so much for all your quastions, Heli will answer them and then we will end the lecture
  • 13:39 Kaisa Kiss him Suvi, he will forget the tv :)
  • 13:40 Suvi I'm actually in a really happy place, my man likes to talk and is present, but I have this friend who's having problems in her marriage. I'm trying to encourage her to make a difference and "take the step". :)
  • 13:40 Suvi Thanks for the lecture :)
  • 13:41 Nilla-Väestöliitto Sounds good Suvi :)
  • 13:41 Kaisa You lucky thing :)
  • 13:42 Suvi I know! We ended up together AGAIN after 11 year apart. <3
  • 13:43 Kaisa I think it's great that everyone can be a good partner, even if the other one isn't. First steps can be taken. Great things may follow.
  • 13:44 Suvi You can't change the other person, you have to change yourself.
  • 13:44 Nilla-Väestöliitto That is so right :)
  • 13:44 Nilla-Väestöliitto Now we will finish the lecture Thank you for participating in our lecture :)
  • 13:44 Monica Thank so much for the advice!
  • 13:45 emilii thank you!